We’ve gotten some very, very cool radio play over the past month and we need you guys to keep it going. 

We have been on KROQ’s Locals Only show three weeks in a row now. Be sure to get over to this page to vote for us as your favorite from this past Sunday’s show!!


Then request the KROQ play “Mirrors” by calling (800) 520-1067 and go to this page and request it as well!  http://apps.kroq.radio.com/requestasong/

On Saturday Nic Harcourt played “A Nighttime Daydream” to kick off his Connections show which played in LA, Boston, Louisville and Albany. Let’s make sure they keep playing us!

Send Nic an email!!! His address is nic@kcsn.org

Call KCSN 88.5 in LA at 1-818-677-3090 and email feedback@kcsn.org

Call WERS 88.9 in Boston at 1-617-482-8890 and email comments@wers.org

Call WFPK 91.9 in Louisville at 1-502-814-9375 and email studio@wfpk.org

For WEXT 97.7 in Albany, NY fill out this request form http://exit977.org/contact-us/request-form/

Call in to these stations and request My Satellite. Repost this info and spread the word. We can’t do it without you guys!! <3