As many of you may have guessed, a couple weeks ago our beloved Sammi Doll officially left My Satellite. She was given an amazing opportunity to join one her biggest musical inspirations as the new touring keyboardist for IAMX. Though we were very sad to see her leave us, we are happy for new adventures both for her and for My Satellite. I met Sammi just over two years ago as I was building the live band around the music I had written and recorded for the Telescopes and Depths albums. It was clear from the moment that I met her that she belonged in this band and she has been a dedicated member of this crazy train ever since. Her talents have been instrumental in helping us expand our audience, connect with our fans and put on a great live show. She may have moved on, but she’ll always be part of the My Satellite family. We wish her all the luck in her new endeavor. We know first hand just how fortunate they are to have her with them.

As for My Satellite, Andy, Justin, Ryan and myself remain as dedicated as ever to making music. The four of us have been in the studio for the past month, hammering away at a new self-produced, self-recorded, completely independent ten song album that is going to be sexing your ears later this year. We are closing in on the end of the tracking process and couldn’t be prouder of how this is turning out. We are entering a new chapter, and a very exciting one at that. This will be the first album where I didn’t write, play, sing and record every aspect of it myself. It’s a progression. A very, very good progression. This is more fully realized album. It’s artistic. It’s experimental. It’s My Satellite as I’ve always dreamed it to be. We will be releasing more info, pictures, and videos in the coming months as we get nearer to a release date, including great opportunities for you to get involved in the process with us, so stay with us.

The voices and faces of My Satellite may change with time, but the music that drove me to start this band, the music that you know and love, is still pouring from our veins and leaping from our lungs. We are on a mission with each other and we are on a mission with You. Our Fans. Our Inspiration. Our Astronauts. We will always move forward with you. We will always be your sanctuary. We will always be your friends. We look forward to entering a new orbit with you all.

-Bryan Stage