Here’s a little story about a band called My Satellite. What started off as my solo project with no real long term goal as to what would become of the music I was writing, has now grown into an amazingly talented five piece band with such awesome fans. Many people have asked about the genesis of the name My Satellite and the overall message of the band and the music. So what does it all mean??? Well write this down, young grasshopper… 

The name refers to an idea that though we often feel small and inconsequential in the cold vastness of the universe, there is comfort to be found in having a celestial partner. Something that is ours, but still connects us to everything else that is. Our own personal star. Our moon. Our satellite. My Satellite.

Now to explain what My Satellite represents, it may be best to start with what it is not. My Satellite is not about being this type of person, or that type of person. Not about labels, or definitions, or winning a popularity contest. It’s not about the path the music took to touch your ears. It’s not about idolatry, or rock stars, or internet heroes. It’s not about how much of a fuck you give about something, or how much more of a fuck you give than any other person.

It is about being better than your past. It is about searching for better answers. It is about expanding who you are.

But mostly, it is about dreams. Following. Failing. Fulfilling. Always dream and always follow that dream.

My Satellite is the chronology of my chase.

-Bryan Stage