Hello friends. We have some very exciting news to announce. After spending the better part of this year writing, producing, recording, rewriting, re-recording, re-producing (but not reproducing) we are finally done with our debut full-length album. The new record is a ten song LP called Lift and we are immensely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with this. We cannot wait for it to hit your ears. It’s hopeful. It’s sad. It’s joyous. It’s introspective. It’s artistic. It’s beautiful. It’s been a labor of love for us and the effort and attention to every detail has make for a great sounding and moving album. We hope it moves you too.

Oh, remember when we said that it was done? Well, we kinda lied. We’ve finished recording all ten songs so the longest and most time consuming part of the process is done. Luckily we were able to record for free in an awesome studio, borrow a ton of really great equipment, bring in other musicians to accompany us on some tracks, and we’ve exploited the generosity of our friends and families like the good little DIY band we are. But this next step is going to require some outside help.

We need to get Lift mixed, mastered and all pretty and dressed up for the big bad world. This requires more investment than our limited budget can afford. In order to get the album completed in the way that we know it needs to be done we’ve decided to start a crowdsourcing campaign. This will be a great way for you guys to get involved. You can support us and what we do in any way you can, large or small, and we are going to offer you guys some really cool rewards for your help in getting Lift off the ground.

Our Kickstarter campaign will be launching next week and we’re going to start rewarding you right from the beginning. Within the campaign video you will get an exclusive sneak peak at the album art and a taste of the music that you can expect on the album. Hopefully you will be able to break away from cat videos long enough to check it out. Once the campaign is done we will set a release date for the album and work on finishing up Lift.

Thank you all for coming with us on this adventure. We love you from the bottom of our hearts

-Bryan, Justin, Andy & Ryan