My Satellite is a Los Angeles based four piece who create a lush field of sound that will ultimately break your heart . By blending elements of post-rock, indie pop, and electronica, My Satellite creates a refreshing alternative sound that is melancholy and yet uplifting. Lyrics that wander from thoughts on abandonment to undeserved love to acceptance of death lay a heavy heart upon a wall of layered instrumentation and vocal harmonies that move the listener into a world where seemingly opposed emotions occupy the same melody.


Bryan Stage began working on the music that would eventually become My Satellite while holed up in his Hollywood studio apartment working with just a guitar, a keyboard and a laptop. Pulling inspiration from early David Bowie, Elliott Smith, Sigor Ros and Postal Service, by the beginning of 2010 he had released a four song EP entitled "Telescopes" under the name My Satellite and then followed that up at the start of 2011 with another four song EP called "Depths". Both EPs garnered praise around the internet. The single "A Nighttime Daydream" was called "An electrifying sound"(Oh! So Famous!) and of the music it was said that "His sound is euphoric"(Ride The Tempo). A review, which lead to a selection as the "BeatCrave Fav of the Month" for April, said of My Satellite that it is "a sound that demands the attention of the listener and refuses to simply blend into background noise".


As 2011 kicked off, Stage (vocals and guitar) began putting together a lineup for the band. Andy Marshall on bass and backup vocals, Ryan Ward on guitar and Justin Paul on drums, My Satellite began to hit the Los Angeles scene by mid-year, playing venues ranging from Silverlake Lounge to Boardners to the El Rey. They've shared the stage with a plethora of talent including Sage Francis, Big Black Delta, Minnesota, Geographer, The Colourist, and Trails and Ways. 2012 saw the band receive radio play on LA's KROQ 106.7FM and KCSN 88.5FM. The single "Mirrors" was on the KROQ Local's Only Top 5 for eight weeks in a row including two weeks at #1. After a highly successful crowd-sourcing campaign, the band has completed their first full-length album entitled Lift, mixed by Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Eels, Jon Brion) and mastered by Dave Cooley (M83, Fitz & the Tantrums, Local Natives) and was released in early 2014.








More show announcements coming soon




August 15th, 2014  :  The Night Light  :  Oakland, CA  :  with Foxtails Brigade

August 6th, 2014  :  Hemingway's Lounge  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with Dekades

July 19th, 2014  :  Amplyfi  :  Los Angeles, CA

May 26th, 2014  :  Harvard & Stone  :  Los Angeles, CA

May 16th, 2014  :  The Viper Room  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with Queen Caveat & The Filthy Souls

May 7th, 2014  :  Silverlake Lounge  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with Dreamland

April 24th, 2014  :  Bombay Bar & Grill  :  Ventura, CA  :  with Captions

March 30th, 2014  :  The Viper Room  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with Dreamland

February 13th, 2014  :  The Viper Room  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with The Vim Dicta

July 27th, 2013  :  Santa Cruz Music Festival  :  Santa Cruz  :  with Sage Francis, Big Black Delta, Geographer

April 26th, 2013  :  Bearded Lady Vintage  :  Burbank, CA

January 19th, 2013  :  Café Du Nord  :  San Francisco, CA  :  with Trails and Ways

December 12th, 2012  :  Boardners  :  Los Angeles, CA

November 7th, 2012  :  Central S.A.P.C.  :  Santa Monica, CA  :  with Ballerina Black

September 4th, 2012  :  Hemingway's Lounge  :  Los Angeles, CA

July 29th, 2012  :  AMPLYFi  :  Los Angeles, CA

July 15th, 2012  :  The Other Door  :  Los Angeles, CA

April 17th, 2012  :  Boardners  :  Los Angeles, CA

April 12th, 2012  :  The Copper Door  :  Santa Ana, CA

April 6th  :  The Other Door  :  Los Angeles, CA

March 31st, 2012  :  Central S.A.P.C.  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with House of Lions, City City

March 18th, 2012  :  Eleven  :  San Diego, CA

March 16th, 2012  :  The Freakin' Frog  :  Las Vegas, CA

March 12th, 2012  :  Silverlake Lounge  :  Los Angeles, CA 

January, 13th, 2012  :  AMPLYFI  :  Los Angeles, CA

December 10th, 2011  :  The Wire  :  Upland, CA

November 5th, 2011  :  AMPLYFi  :  Los Angeles, CA

October 11th, 2011  : Silverlake Lounge  :  Los Angeles, CA  :  with Montë Mar

August 17th, 2011  :  Spaceland  :  Los Angeles, CA

July 30th, 2011  :  Enid and Edgar's Vintage  :  Los Angeles, CA

July 29th, 2011  :  AMPLYFi  :  Los Angeles, CA

July 7th, 2011  :  South Coast Plaza (Robots for Hire)  :  Santa Ana, CA  :  with The Colourist



My Satellite certainly stands apart from the crowd when it comes to that “drama”, their designated blend of sounds, and the unmistakable drive.
My Satellite is a collection of these talents, harmoniously textured together to create the ambient, transient rock music that Stage creates. It’s something familiar and warm, but at the same time you won’t feel as if you’ve heard My Satellite’s over and over again on the radio or at shows.
‘Depths’ has the same euphoric quality found in his last release but plays around with hook melodies and tension filled harmonies that resolve in just the right places.
His sound is euphoric and light full of layered instrumentation and tender vocal harmonies.
There is an effortless sense of mortality within the lyrics, all too real to truly describe within text without losing their meaning all together. One must just listen to the emotion within the music to truly appreciate it.
Basha! Basha! Basha!
This EP is euphoric, blissed-out and at times chaotic and stormy. This truly is a musical gem that you will marvel at over repeated listenings and revel in it’s moments of pop bliss.
This young producer clean production style make for an electrifying sound. The layers of instrumentation in his track, “A Nighttime Daydream” explode into your eardrums.